Don't take my word for it - Hear from one of my amazing clients, Samantha. We worked on scaling her business from being maxed out 1:1 to launching her Academy and x3 her revenue

"We did more in my business than I could have ever dreamed of"


Just think for a moment what it would feel like to have total confidence in launching your next offer, letting go of any deadlines, goals or pressures. Allowing yourself to just have fun and enjoy the process.

You launch your offer and then let go. You head out for cocktails with your girlfriends, sipping your amazing spicy margarita saying "wow I feel so good, whatever the outcome I know it has no meaning to me and my worthiness." You pick up your phone to do a boomerang of all your cocktails and you see that 5 people have joined your offer.

5 people have paid you and are so excited to work with you.

How easy and light does that feel?

"Cheers to you Baddass"

Here are just some of my client wins 🎉

Want the VIP Experience? Its the 1:1 private package offer 👑

If you want to be in the closest proximity to me, this VIP option is perfect for you. To be in my energy, space, have my head, heart & eyes on your business

🔥 Break through brain storming session

🔥 4 X 1:1 Calls

🔥 Voxer support (love a good voice note) to have your biz bestie in your pocket to help, support and back you

£5,999 pay in full

This is the early bird offer, the normal prices will increase by £1,000

Watch to see what Amy says about the BEST thing about picking the VIP package

This is your time, you felt this pull to this page for a reason.

Don't doubt yourself, trust that you are exactly where you should be right now reading this and take the next step that feels aligned for your future successful self

Isn't it time we did things different, in a more feminine way that actually feels good?!

Rather than doing strategies because you have been told to, it feels out of alignment with you, you can't get your energy behind and guess what they don't create the success you were hoping for 💁🏼‍♀️

Soulful is for you if:

➡️ You desire more, more alignment, more connection, more fun, more overflow, more abundance, more clients, more money and more time

➡️ You want to learn how to tap into your soul superpower and create huge inner shifts

➡️ You feel stuck at your income level and maxed out working 1:1 with your clients and want more time back and to impact more people

➡️ You are tired of allowing your confidence and worthiness to get knocked every-time a client says no, you don’t hit your goals or you get ghosted by a potential client who said she was a hell yah to working with you

➡️ You know you are destined for more but you feel like what you are doing isn’t working to take you to the next level financially, emotionally & spiritually 

➡️ You want to stop self sabotaging and learn how to have more fun and play in your business 

➡️ You want to do things differently to how everyone else does business, you want to leverage your feminine energy to create success that feels good to your soul, your bank balance and your life

➡️ You’re making money already in your online service based business, providing a great service and you feel you want to scale this now (it is time)

You are excited to go do it on your terms, throwing the rule book out the window and doing it YOUR way


🔥 This is the response from one of my clients after reprogramming her unconscious mind of a belief she was stuck with for years. 🔥

I am going to do the exact same for you in this programme

Do you want to make these types of shifts in your unconscious mind so you can feel free, light and create epic results in your business?

You know you are really good at what you do, you're getting your current clients great results but yet struggling to scale...

Negative thoughts are swamping your mind that maybe you can't do this, you need more qualifications, more of a bigger following, maybe it was a fluke that one good month ....

Let me get into your unconscious mind and whisper sweet nothings and help you to feel cleared from all this chitter chatter, all the noise in your mind so it allows you the space, confidence and freedom to implement the strategy bespoke to your business to help you to scale.

How would if feel to have your mind cleared of all the noise that's been bothering you for way too long now.

I am creating a movement with this programme, a new type of way to scale your businesses.

Where we break the rules, do what freakin' feels good to us whilst celebrating huge milestones

I am not here to teach one way of scaling your business, I am here to empower you to do it your way & see the wild results you get 👋

Time for you to step into this activation 💫

I want you to just Imagine this for a minute:

➡️ Having me whisper into your unconscious mind clearing and shifting those limiting beliefs that have been there in the background holding you back for soooo long now.

➡️ Having unshakable confidence in your brand and your bigger vision

➡️ Feeling aligned AF. Knowing you are doing your life's work & feeling powerfully connected to who you are, what you stand for and who you were destined to be.

➡️ Having a bespoke strategy to scale your business that aligns with your soul

➡️ Having your DM's blow up with clients saying how amazing your programme/ course/ membership/ mastermind is and that they're so happy and honoured to get to work with you. Cue heart bursting, snap a screenshot and share on your stories. 💥

➡️ Having an incredible online community full of raving fans, who can't wait to buy whatever you are selling as they trust you that much

➡️ Being able to spend more time not working in your business, more time with the family, sipping cocktails with your girlfriends and freakin' enjoying your life

Feels soul good doesn't it...

This can be your reality ✨


Business doesn't need to be that HARD It really doesn't

No more doing business the way you think you should (that's clearly not working), instead learning how to run your business using your energy, your soul & marrying that with a step by step strategy that feels SOUL good.

Now how does that sound?

Bet you feel lighter already?

First we connect in with the woo and then once thats complete then we start on the do - it s imperative for your success and your happiness

Your soul WANTS this

Your best version of yourself NEEDS this

Click the button to take yourself to the next level girl.

Not one to brag 😂 BUT...

THIS IS WHAT I DO - Blow minds with the unconscious work ⬇️

When you FEEL good,

you DO good


Imagine how this would feel to see your stripe blowing up

I'll show you how!

OK so you are probably thinking "What is in Soulful programme?"

Here is the breakdown:

➡️ Start off with a personal activation session so I can shift that limiting belief that has been keeping you stuck (This seriously is going to change the trajectory of your life and business)

➡️ Bi weekly group coaching calls with me to work through anything that is coming up for you that is stopping your results (mindset/ strategy... personal or/and business)

➡️ An exclusive Facebook group with other baddasses (who get it, they get you) to support and cheerlead you on (Yes the type of biz besties that celebrate you smashing your money goal for the month, brag away!!)

➡️ Content all downloaded onto a private podcast so you can tap in with just the click of one button and listen to my teachings for you

➡️ An opportunity to be in the energy of other 6, multi 6 and 7 figure business experts to ask them your burning questions (Think red table vibes)

Remember who you surround yourself with - you will become 💡

We are going to spend the next 4 months together creating the business you have always dreamt about but didn't know how it was possible to get.








Those are the pillars we are going to be working on/ through to master the art of thy self and your brand

As this is the first time to run this programme I will be creating it around YOUR needs and creating the content that is going to create the shifts for you and your business.

This programme is different because it mixes both strategy with the soul to create SOUL Strategy, so that your energy is behind the practical so you smash your results ⚡️

It's balancing the masculine and feminine energy.

It doesn't matter how long you have struggled for, how long you have been in business, what hasn't been working for you.

As from today- we leave ALL that behind.

Today is the start of the rest of your life as a successful soulpreneur.

Soulful is designed to help you reprogram your unconscious mind of your limiting beliefs

More importantly we're here to put the SOUL back into your business, & your life so you feel aligned AF scaling your business in a way that feels good to you.

I have spent thousands on programmes that didn't work for me as they solely focused on just strategy , if something isn't working - just work harder or chuck more money at it mentality.

Which doesn't work!! It doesn't matter what strategy I teach you, if you don't learn to master your thoughts, rewire your subconscious thinking first then you are always going to have those blocks.

This is why I created The soul method to teach you to do all the inner transformation work first, then the strategy - so that you can actually do less and earn more. 💰

A client said to me:

"I have made more this month by doing less, OMG is this for real?"

Yes when you are in alignment - yes

I am here to help put money into the pockets of women who wanna help transform other peoples lives.. 👏

Now does that sound like a way you would like to run your business?

Soulful isn't for everyone - thats how I designed it .

It's for my dreamie ideal clients aka 🦄

Who this is for? ✅

➡️ If you are a coach, consultant or an online service based business owner

➡️ A soulpreneur who knows you are destined for more & have a deep desire to help more people

➡️ If you want to be in a high touch point intimate group programme to collapse time in scaling your biz

➡️ If you are sick of hustling and want to work with ease and flow

➡️ You are coachable, want to learn, ready to implement and def want to have fun whilst doing it

➡️ If you are serious about wanting to do the inner work needed to expand your business

➡️ Sick of guessing your way, hustling hard. You want results now

 If you answered YES to the above bullet points then SOULFUL is where you need to be for the next 4 months!

Who this isn't for? ❌

➡️ If you don't want to have fin in your business

➡️ If you want to remaining maxing out your time working 1:1 with clients

➡️ You don't see the power in investing in yourself and hiring help to be in that energy

➡️ You like to hustle & don't want to build a brand in ease & flow

Then this isn't for you.

Pick your payment option ⬇️

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OR upgrade to the VIP package ⬇️


I am not done yet  ðŸ˜‰

A human design bundle for you to discover which type you are & how to use this in your business to really get next level results.

A private podcast you can download straight onto your phone to have immediate access to me as your coach

A personalised baddass package straight to your door (I love giving gifts) 😉

"Wow investing into you Tash was seriously the BEST investment ever not only for my business that I have now tripled my monthly income but how I feel in myself, I actually enjoy launching now and love that I get to help 100's more people doing what I was doing 1:1. You have blown my mind Tash. "

- Sarah H

Imagine waking up to a message from your client saying

"OMG working with you was the best investment I have ever made"

I have this all the time from my clients and it's honestly food for my soul - It's exactly why I created this programme


Oh Hey! That’s me ðŸ‘©ðŸ¼â€ðŸ’». 

I am 37 year old, muma to 2 (One little boy & one fur baby Penelope - She's the cute one in the pic 🐶 and two 🦆 🦆 Apollo & Athena)

I am obsessed with rewiring my clients unconscious mind, see them impact more people, make more money and enjoy a life of freedom.

I created Soulful to be the best business programme that is designed to work on YOU first and then support with strategy.









 âž¡ï¸ Do I get 1:1 calls with Natasha?

Yes when you pick the VIP option you get 4 x 1:1 calls with Natasha PLUS voxer support "Worth their weight in gold" previous clients have said

Everyone gets bi weekly group coaching calls with myself - which are LIT 🔥

 âž¡ï¸ What if I don't know how I want to scale my business?

This is what I am here for, together we will brainstorm and map it out

 âž¡ï¸  What if I need some time to think about it ?

Sure, but don't take too long if you want to secure the early bird price as the normal price goes up by £1,000

 âž¡ï¸  What if I can't make the live coaching calls?

All calls are recorded and available for you to watch the replays. Plus you can ask your questions in the facebook group to be answered, so you are always supported,

 âž¡ï¸ Is this a tax deductible expense?

Great question. and the answer is yes this is a business expense

 âž¡ï¸ I am scared I will make the wrong decision

The only wrong decision you can make, is doing nothing.

Ask yourself what is this fear I have, what if I couldn't F*ck it up, what action would I take then?

What if I worked with Tash and had the most amazing transformation in myself and in my business

if you said yes to your soul, applied what I teach you and got amazing results - how would that feel?

There is a reason you are on this sales page...

Lean into that when making your decision.

⬇️ Do you want successes like these? ⬇️


I see you’re still mulling it over…

Send me a DM and ask me anything that is on your mind, so I can help you make a decision from a place of love not fear!

*Payment plans are billed every month for 6 months

By joining the Soulful programme you agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions.

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